Sometimes winning IS everything…

There are certain areas in life where winning is the only thing that matters.

Recently I had the pleasure of being part of a team that was awarded a 2014 Planning Leadership Achievement Award by the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners and the Lancaster County Planning Commission. The award was for the collaborative work that Lancaster Civil and Lighten Up Lancaster County have been partnering on to help make our communities more walkable. Among other things we’ve been completing walkability audits for local school districts and municipalities to provide recommendations and support for their efforts in improving the health of their students and residents.

Of course, when you’re nervously sitting in the audience, listening to descriptions of all of the other projects that were also nominated, you try not to get your hopes up. You try to tell yourself that it’s OK if you don’t walk out with a trophy, because it was just an honor to be nominated (and it really is!) And you might remember the mantra, that “winning isn’t everything” (which is absolutely true in this case!)

But it got me thinking that there are certain areas in my life that I would NOT be satisfied with a losing record.

Being a husband and a father are two of the most precious and important things in my life. I can NOT afford to be unsuccessful in those areas. Here – “winning” IS the only thing.

Living a life of integrity and grace is another area where losing is not an option. Here also – “winning” IS the only thing.

And when it comes to running a business, bringing people together, creating a trusting atmosphere where new ideas can flourish and getting good things done for our community are three areas where “winning” is a must. We might not get awards for that type of approach – or we might (see above) – but I truly believe that if we stay focused on solving problems in this way, great things can happen.

Fulfilling this mission is what makes Lancaster Civil tick. We want to build people up as we improve the neighborhoods that we live in. It’s part of being designed for community.

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