Together for the Good

How can schools, churches, municipalities, businesses, non-profits and community residents come together for a unified purpose? That’s what’s happening in one Lancaster County community as these folks collaborate for one common goal: helping to make their community better for its residents. It’s called the Together for the Good initiative and this video explains some of the work that’s being done.

Earlier today I was part of a crowd of residents, family and elementary school kids that cheered as a group of 16 bicyclists started a two day ride to raise awareness for this effort. Destination: Nashville, TN for the aha! Process national conference. Once they get to Nashville, this group of bicyclists along with nine others (who for some reason didn’t feel like riding a bike 816.5 miles) will help lead four breakout sessions to talk about “Addressing the Issues of Poverty in your Community”.

People all over the country are hearing that when a common vision brings “individuals and organizations together to serve [each other] in strategic ways, we can help create a stronger and healthier community.” I can’t tell you how happy I am to see people work in partnership like this and I’m excited be part of this initiative. It’s what being designed for community is all about.

You can follow the bike team’s progress by liking their Facebook page and find out more about the entire project at


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