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There’s been an amusing chat floating around the internet for the past month where an unsatisfied customer has his complaint taken care of by a clever customer service rep. This alone would not really be worthy of mention – I’m sure Amazon and other online retailers deal with scores of customer complaints every day. What catches your attention is the way that the complaint is handled.

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Assuming this exchange is indeed authentic, it highlights an important benefit to the customer that occurs whenever a company values relationships just as much as they do the end product. Any customer service rep could have mechanically processed the complaint, issued a refund and re-ordered the book – theoretically resulting in the same exact outcome for the customer. But by designing the process to be painless and even enjoyable for the customer, we find that the end result is much more satisfying for everyone.

The witty conversation is just one part of how this process is designed for community. From the quick chat feature (fast communication) to the efficient return process (no complicated forms necessary) to the expedited shipment of the product (superior delivery)…the whole procedure is focused on how to solve problems for the customer. This then allows space for a personal connection to develop – creating an overall superior experience for the customer.

At Lancaster Civil, we strive for more than just creating great engineering products…we also value the process of how we get to that product. We think that both the process and the product can be designed for community. And we think you’ll notice the difference.

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