About us

Designed for community
You want to make this world a better place – even just a little. You love making things better…taking something old and making it new. Taking something that’s broken and fixing it. Figuring out a better way to do something. Or doing something completely different than it’s ever been done before.

Neighbors help neighbors
I do too. I can’t help it. It’s just the way I am. Have you ever wondered why we’re like that? I think it has something to do with the idea that we all were designed to live in community. And people within communities – our neighbors – naturally just tend to look out for each other. We get to know each other, we help each other out and we make each other’s world just a little bit better.

Why do we exist?
This is why Lancaster Civil exists. We help improve communities. We’re experienced in it and we’re passionate about it.

How do we do it?
Just how do we improve communities? We help you get to where you want to go safely. We create the paths that you use to walk to the store…or get some exercise in the park. We figure out ways to stop flooding in your neighborhood. We take your crumbling streets and design new ones that will work better and last longer.

Process AND product
More than that – I believe that the process builds the community even more than the product does.  So I love to bring people together of different expertise and backgrounds and personalities and figure out ways to work together to create something much better than what we could accomplish on our own.  Community consists of much more than just building something great…it’s about building something together.

You are part of the process
This is why I honestly believe that YOU – the members of our community – are our customer, so I welcome your input. Use this website to read about your community, post questions or information, and even get involved yourself. Connect with us via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+.  We can’t do our jobs well without hearing from you.

This site is designed for community. Just like everything else we do.